Good afternoon & welcome to my website!

My name is Jos Khoeblal.

Which you might know already. Which implies, you're not here to read more "about me".
Instead, you might want to know more about my work. And what I could mean for you, and your business in the creative media industry. Whether that regards my skills in film production or in online media projects.

My expertise involves three major fields of the creative media industry, which are production for film & television, tailormade web design & web hosting for clients.

Please have a look for yourself and contact me for your inquiries at mail@berlinblue.net!


So, my name is...

Joseph Mahatma Khoeblal, to be more precise.

And yes, that implies my Mother named me -amongst others- after Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, sometimes honourificly refered to, as Mahatma Gandhi, which means something like "Great Soul" in Sanskrit (similar to the modern Christian term saint). But, what's in a word (no, Mahātmā ain't no name!). In the world, I would never aim to become any kind of Father of the Nation. Not any nation. Since I prefer the shade, left by the bright spotlights full shining on few other fellows.

This is where my strengths lie; supporting others in reaching their mission, their goal in the creative media industry. The hard labour we do together, the first drink after, we toast together. But when the spotlights turn on, only a few can represent best, all those behind the scenes! There, my name becomes one in many. Which - with a little luck - scrolls down the screen quickly, somewhere in between of the longlist of credited people, on the closing credits of the project.

Whether it's a film project, or any other kind of media project: I have developed the right skills, to treat any creative media project, with the right attention it deserves!



Brought to life, by my Surinam Hindustan Mother and my Swiss biological father, I am born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on quite a rare, rainy Sunday morning, back in Winter 1976... While growing up in the suburbs of this single metropolitan-like city in the Netherlands, I fell in love with life in the big city; the Metropolis.

Already at young age, I got caught by the working of the media and it's effects. I have been following and investigating, all kinds of media exposure, since my first days in Rotterdam. After, I developed my first skills to debate on different views and possibilities towards intepreting the media, in my new hometown Doorn. There, I went to school and learned to never expect anything to be as it is presented to you, by any specific media. Important resources, which always caught my attention and never left my spectrum of interest.

At the age of twelve, my parents (Mother and stepfather) decided to move to a new town. I followed, but never lost the eager, to one day, move forward to Rotterdam. Any special place in the world, reminding me of my youth in the "big city".

Therefore, I moved to Amsterdam in 1998, where I finished my study in Communication (2002) and started to work at the Dutch, public television broadcasting.

Photo of Jos KhoeblalToday, I spread my wings further, by partially living and working in the leap between my hometown & the closest city which reminds me most, of my youth in Rotterdam... The metropolis of Berlin! The city known to be, arm aber sexy...


.::. BerlinBlue is everywhere .::.

.... working as a freelance and independant media professional.

On the following pages of my website, you can learn more about some of the most important projects, that made me the professional, I was ... yesterday.


moving forward
to a bright future in media & beyond.